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Safe Touch Stainless Steel Nose Hair Trimmer

Safe Touch Stainless Steel Nose Hair Trimmer

ūüĒ•Safe Touch Stainless Steel Nose Hair TrimmerūüĒ•


  • Premium Solid Construction¬†-¬†Made of¬†premium brushed stainless steel.¬†It is very¬†durable. Removing nose hair with great ease.
  • Fit¬†&¬†Great¬†finish!¬†
  • No Batteries.
  • Mechanical design,¬†manual¬†operation,¬†safe, you can¬†control¬†the force and direction for your nose to provide accurate results.


  • No more hassle!¬†It¬†doesn't¬†require¬†a¬†charger¬†or¬†batteries¬†-¬†Just press nose trimmer¬†lightly to trim nose hair.¬†Safe,¬†painless,¬†no noise,¬†save more energy¬†and¬†protect our environment.
  • We¬†literally feel nothing¬†when¬†we use to cut it.
  • No more PAIN! No more PULLING!¬†Better than plucking¬†nose hairs!¬†¬†If you STILL trim the hair with scissors or tweezers, it can¬†hurt¬†your inner skin occasionally.¬†Mr. Shaver Pro¬†is made of precision rotary cutters, cutting blades never come in contact with skin.
  • Easy to clean¬†-¬†You can clean it with¬†little brush provided or under water¬†to wash directly.
  • Portable Tools -¬†compact and light,¬†easy to carry and store, use anytime and anywhere.
  • Efficient¬†and Safe-¬†The blades have a certain distance to the skin. It is made of precision rotary cutters, so it is no pulling of the hair, and when you use it ,you will feel painless.


Just squeeze the handles of this gadget to rotate the ultra sharp Twelve Dual-Edged blades.
It cuts unsightly hairs with NO pulling, NO pain. The sharp, patented cutting blades technology never comes in contact with skin. The trimmers don't pull the hairs. No more tears, No more pain by pinching! You never worry about virus infection by nose inner scratch. Be Safe, Be Happy!
Multi-Purpose Use
EASY Cleaning
The nose hair trimmer only needs a very little action to trim the nasty nose hair, giving you a charming light!


  • This is¬†perfect for people¬†who loves to¬†travel¬†like us!
  • This is¬†perfect for people¬†whose nose¬†hairs grow fast!
  • This is¬†perfect for people¬†who are¬†lazy cutting using scissors.
  • EXCELLENT GIFT for Lovers¬†- If your¬†lovers,¬†parents,¬†family¬†STILL trim the hair with scissors or pinset, this will be a lifelong gift.
Excellent GIFT for Lovers
If you love this, this is perfect for you! 


  • Color: Silver.
  • Size:¬†1.77" x 1.18" x 0.26" / 4.5 x 3 x 0.65 cm.
  • Material: High quality stainless steel.


Question: Does this trimmer work for ears, also?
Answer: Yes, it works very well.